Mira Kurkiala

My art depicts nature in both the big and the small; as in natural structures shaped by the seas, the colors of the sky and vast landscapes.

In an intuitive painting with a mixture of figurative and abstract, I let pigments from stones, earth, coal and ash create their own worlds on the canvas.


I, Mira, am an Umeå-based artist who paints nature-inspired motifs with hand-made pigments of mainly stones, earth, clay, ash and charcoal. I mix these with touches of acrylic paints and details with oil pastels, gold leaf, gold powder and acrylic pencils.

My works are strongly influenced by the power, structures and movements of nature. I often paint based on the season I'm in and mix an abstract basis with realistic places, both experienced and taken from the imagination.

It is a combination of the big and the small, the strong and the weak, the quiet and the wild, the primal and the magical.

Painting is a form of meditation for me that has been with me all my life. I can spend hours getting lost in deep forests, underwater worlds and dreamy landscapes. The places I depict are neither completely realistic nor completely fictional. It is usually a mixture of both, like a feeling of being in a dream.

My hope is to give the same feelings to the viewer of my art, that it will give a feeling of calm and security, almost like a kind of healing power.



Hairdressing collective, Umeå (2022)
Art in Kvarn, Vindeln (2022)
Broberg's café Umeå, group exhibition (2022)
Fabriksgatan 21, Örnsköldsvik (2022)
Grubbe Library, Umeå (2022)
Art-in Popup gallery, Umeå (2021)


Esplanade FEM, Umeå
Hairdressing collective, Umeå
Visit Skellefteå
Love Yoga, Umeå


Do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in a collaboration, customer order for a painting or other projects. Email me: artbymira.contact@gmail.com

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