Collection: New collection! "Songs of Spring" Released 5 May 19.00!

RELEASED 5 May 19.00!

The songs of the spring include five original paintings with associated art prints in limited editions.

The original paintings will be exhibited this summer at Sjungaregården in Granö from June 15 to June 28 and can be purchased directly on site. Those that are not sold during the exhibition period are put up for sale on my website.

All paintings take their starting point in spring. Rushing streams, the evening light, birdsong, vegetation and life, an awakening. The paintings are inspired from places that appealed to me a little extra, but also more subtle patterns and shapes in nature that I am hooked on.

Stones have been picked and broken down into a thin pigment powder that has been given new life in the paintings. I have also used coal and ash that I collected from various places we visited during the winter. Most paintings also contain elements of hand-printed leaves and twigs that I have picked around Västerbotten.

The art prints have a limited edition of 30 pieces of each motif and the edition you get is based on the order in which you bought your print.

No more are printed after the last edition is sold

Signed, numbered and stamped with an embossing press.